Horse riding at palace grounds

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I wanted to learn horse riding for a long time and after a great deal of searching found a place in palace grounds quite near my house.I landed on the first day bang at six in the morning fully excited. I had to wear a protective riding helmet before mounting the horse.Then all set I mounted a big brown horse called "LAGO". he was a quiet horse and later i was to know that all starters were given this horse. I was put into the first riding camp and started on the basics learning to rise up and down in rhythm with the horse's trot. After a great deal of thumping and knee bruising , I finally managed to get the rhythm by the third class. Then onwards it was a pleasure every moment. Oh the sheer delight of riding in the early mornings with overhanging branches early in the mornings has to be experienced. no other words for it. Once comfortable with the trotting, I was encouraged to trot at a faster pace by the trainer. 

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